How might we sell motorcycles online?

With Shop Click Ride buying a Ducati online has never been easier and faster.

Client Ducati          Year 2020                UX/UI Design & Branding

People can’t buy a new Ducati bike online.

The Ducati community at this moment doesn’t have the opportunity to reach a dealer to buy a bike because they are closed due to COVID-19.

 Other problems
  • Dealer is too far to reach
  • Desire to not interact with salespeople
Goal 1
Create an easy user journey where people can directly buy a bike online.
Goal 2
Give users the possibility to have all the information in the palm of their hand.
Goal 3
Easily connect users with the nearest dealer to get more information.

Target market

  • 70% male
  • 30% female 
  • Frequent riders, that own already a bike 
  • Managers, entrepreneurs

Competitive Analysis

All digital products share the map function and add your bike to the app.

No digital products currently allow shopping online for a new bike.


The prototype

The prototype was tested with Ducati customers, the overall feedback was positive,  what I learned from this test is that people don't want to pay the full amount online without seeing the physical product.

So instead of buying the product online my suggestion for future iterations would be to implement a "Pre-Order" system where you only ask people to pay a minimum amount.  This system would also help the company to better understand customers' interests and manage orders.



The concept of the naming was created to make the user understand that the process is simple and fast, and it only takes 3 clicks. I used three words to represent that flow that are SHOP, CLICK, and RIDE.


The logo was developed through two elements, which are naming and wheel icon. I tried to keep a clean and minimal concept. That’s why I decided to not draw the wheel in the smallest details but only recalled it with the shape. I inclined both the lettering and the shape to give a dynamic feeling.