How might we optimize conversion rates?

Videos are an easier type of content to consume. But you will not convert more clients because you use videos.

Client REVI          Year 2021              UX Design & A/B Test

Client's situation

REVI is a Real Estate Developer company that needed to get more exposure and clients for their new building called PV Tower in Dubai.  They were using a website to promote their product.  They had a problem! Their conversion rate was really low.

"Videos perform better on the header."

Instead of redesigning the website, we agreed that building a landing page  "lead capture page" was a better option.

The most important content for the client was the video presentation of the owner.  So I decided to place the video presentation above the fold since it's the most visible part of the landing (header). 


Test, test, and test.

One week later after testing it, I discovered that only 12 out of 173 visitors converted. And 5 out of 12 did not even press the play button of the video. I assumed that there was a problem with the video. I also observed their behaviors by using Hotjar.

What might we improve?

One solution was changing the video content, but the problem was that the client didn't have the budget and time to produce another video. And before changing the content I needed to validate my assumption.


A/B testing was the answer for validation.

One version (A - control) was placing the video below the fold and showing a slideshow/gallery of the product above the fold.

The other version (B - variation) was the original layout of the landing.

And the winner is...

Incredibly version (A - control) won with a 40% conversion rate instead of (B - variation) with a 15,79% conversion rate. (A) had a 24% higher conversion rate. What I learned is that people were more interested in understanding and seeing what the product was about. 


Why do videos need context?

In this case, the video was more about the CEO and not about the product that he wanted to sell, and for that reason, the bounce rate (people leaving the landing) was really high!